15 Types of Aunties That Spam Our Universe

In our world of The Great Big Fat Indian Family, most have us have an assortment of aunties including on an average about 4 chachis, 6 maamis, 3 buas, and one too many maasis. Now add on the first cousins of your parents. Then add on the second cousins too, since “your papa and I went on family summer holiday together 2 years in a row so that makes us as good as immediate family”, then add on your mums college besties. And her kitty party/rummi ‘frrands’. Plus all the neighbourhood ladies who regularly send ladoos home and yearly invitations to Ganpati puja. If your total count is anything under a 103, consider yourself blessed!

Statutory warning: The descriptions below are entirely a figment of this very dysfunctional writer’s mind. Any resemblance to people living or dead is definitely not incidental. The writer understands and accepts that this article may cause to stop receiving above mentioned ladoos and/or Ganpati invitations.

1. ‘OOOOh my Beta’ Aunty

Of all the aunties, we like this one the best. They pamper you, make excuses for you, make you Sindhi Kadhion Wednesdays when you ask, even though everyone knows its an only Sunday lunch meal! This is the house you to go when you are slightly broke, in need of a loan, or have had a massive temper tantrum and are hiding out from your parents. Their own progeny is possibly much much older than you are and they are glad of the chance to baby someone else.

‘OOOOh my Beta’ Aunty

2. ‘My Daughters So Fair/ My Sons A Genius’ Aunty

When you see one of these, don’t forget to mentally switch off. This aunty genuinely believes that her kids are the cat’s whiskers. Her daughter is the epitome of grace and elegance and good manners and intelligence. And her son already has a sea-facing flat in Worli and works with Sachin Tendulkar as his lawyer. And they both have just travelled to Greece and their kids just got into the exclusive private school. Yada, yada, yada. What she doesn’t know is, her daughter’s kitty is the most hated in their locality and her son is involved in an online gambling racket. Touche!

‘My Daughters So Fair: My Sons A Genius’ Aunty

3. The Always-in-Pain Aunty

This poor lady is about 45 years old yet complains of aches and pains that the medical community has yet to discover. It’s either her arthritis (imaginary), a knee cap that needs to be replaced (eerrm, Moov should do the trick, its a sprain most likely), Osteoportitatis (Osteoporosis but the poor lady just can’t pronounce it). She’s always pain, every single time you see her, and she makes no bones about complaining to everyone she sees. Hypochondriac alert!

Tight fisted aunty

4. The Tight-Fisted Aunty

No reference to boxing here. Just terribly stingy. She recycles EVERYTHING. Curtains turn into bedspreads which later turn into a kurta and then a handkerchief. We’ve seen fruit sellers run for dear life when they see her. She’ll insist that mangoes cannot cost 600 per dozen. She’ll pay 150 and thats that. Ok, maybe there is a reference to boxing here, after all, if that fruit seller argues, he’ll get boxed in the ears for sure. Invite her to a celebration and be sure to receive a old envelope (with a label stuck over the previous receivers name) and a crisp 50 rupee note inside with a one rupee coin for good luck.

Tight-Fisted Aunty

5. The God-Fearing/God-Loving Aunty

This lady has a rosary beads/mala permanently attached to her hand. You’ve literally never seen her without them. Expect her to start her mala jhappo-ing in the middle of a conversation. Every flat surface of her home has a figurine or frame with her favourite deity on it. Start a conversation about Sajid Khans Humshakkals(really, are you mad, you watched it? Why would you??) or the latest twist in Balika Vadhu and watch how artfully she veers the subject to the Bhagvad Gita or the Ramayana or passages from the Gospel.

God fearing

6. Still lives in the 1960’s – Nostalgia Queen Aunty

In clinical depression since Dev Anand and Rajesh Khanna’s passing, this aunty will regale you with tales on how channa cost 5 paisa and bus fare was a couple of annas and picnics meant spending the day at Chowpatty beach and going out of town meant visiting Juhu beach. She still views life in black and white Sayajit Ray cinematic style.

Nostalgia Queen Aunty

7. Talcum Powder Aunty

Aaaah! You are giggling now, aren’t you?? Everyone knows one of these!!! These sweet ladies cover themselves in old school Ponds talcum powder (SRK’s thanda thanda cool cool is definitely not working here). You’ll always see how powder stuck in the folds of their neck. Coming from someone with asthmatic tendencies, I can tell you, they are a certified health hazard! With every step they take, they leave a tiny, sweet smelling little cloud of white in their wake.

Talcum Powder Aunty

8. The Lift One Bum Up and Let Go Aunty

Ok, picture this. You are visiting your Dad’s grand aunt. You are sitting on a brown and orange absolutely hideous floral printed sofa. Aunty ji is going on and on about how the nurse hired to help her is plotting to kill her. She’s very anti Modi, though she’s got him slightly confused with Advani. She’s very anti Tulsi. How could she leave poor Baa and go off to Delhi like this? Now in the middle of all this very mixed up melodrama, she’ll very matter of factly lift one bum and let go, not pausing her monologue for one second and with clearly no comprehension that we are wishing that nurse just kills us instead.

The aunt who lets one go

9. Doting Grandmaa Aunty

“Did u know Chimpoos potty was green today because he ate spinach for lunch?” Er no, and thanks, I’m off spinach for life now.

“My chutki si Babli is so clever. She got 6 on 10 in school”. Hmmm, Genius really.

Yes, we realise that your grandchildren are the centre of your world, and while thats cute, we’d rather focus on the centre of our world. Shoes and chocolate.

Doting Grandma

10. Rockstar Aunty

This aunty flatly refuses to grow up. Her kids are off to college or possible married and she’s caught the second wind of youth. She’s dyed her hair brown with gold highlights, got herself a hottie personal trainer (thats the clever front! She’s definitely had a variety of work done), insists on wearing age inappropriate clothes, takes selfies at all the happening night clubs. Who are we to judge! She’s great fun to hang out with, will take you shopping and partying and she’s a hoot to be with!

Rockstar aunt

11. Matchmaker Aunty

Aaah, how we dread bumping into one of these! She’s got a database embedded in her brain with lists of all the eligible youngsters in the community. Her aim in life is to see a couple she’s paired off married happily. She’s a regular fixture at all weddings and social gatherings, with eyes like a hawk, theres no singleton that can escape her radar.

Matchmaker Aunty

12. The Fabulous Cook Aunty

While there’s very little to beat maa ke haat ka khaana, this aunty’s cooking makes us want to bite our fingers off. You’d be a fool to turn down an invitation to her house. Her kids stayed skinny through school and while everyone wondered how that was even possible, we know that their tiffin boxes were always stolen by the bullies.


13. The Professional Aunty

With a job in a bank, insurance firm or multinational company, this aunty has always been someone you’ve looked up to. She worked hard not just to supplement the family income, but because she believed she had the right to a career and future too. She’s always immaculately dressed, in starched saris or crisp kurtas and smartly cut shirts and trousers with her super stylish salt and pepper hair in short bob or neat chignon. Role model to most, she’s the go to when you’ve been undecided on which course to take or which college to apply to.

Professional Aunty

14. The Socially Inept ( Read ‘The Always Inappropriate’) Aunty

This lady has a heart of gold but no idea on what is appropriate table conversation and what’s not. Expect inappropriate sex jokes, constant nudging and winking while she asks when you are making your next baby. And she’ll do this in front of your grandparents, in the middle of a puja. She makes you wish the ground beneath you parts and swallows you up.

The Socially Inept

15. The Hit-Where-it Hurts-The-Most Aunty

She’s graduated from looking at you when you were in your early teens and saying “ittu-si thi jab maine dekha tha, itni badi ho gayi hai” and patting your head till the pins holding your hairdo in place get embedded in your skull. As if that wasn’t painful enough, every time she sees you now, in your thirties, she’ll say “kuch zyada healthy ho gayi hai, na? Exercise-vexercise nahi karti?” Ooooouch.

The one that hurts

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Glitter, Glimmer and Glow: Bling it On!

With Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve bashes just around the corner, we’ve brought you a wonderful little guide on how to wear glitter and shimmer and sequins – without looking like a Christmas tree ornament or a disco ball! As much as we love this trend, we’ve gotta warn ya, gals, you gotta be aiming for Beyoncé, not Rakhi Sawant.

Before we take you through some super-awesome looks and beauty products, let’s go over some important pointers, shall we?

  • Remember: less is more!
  • Warm tones tend to go better with Indian skin tones, so opt for golds, bronzes and coppers over silver sequins and glitter.
  • When using glitter makeup products, remember to use a primer beforehand to prevent the coarse bits from being too harsh on your skin. And when you’re taking it off, strictly no rubbing and scrubbing!
  • When using nail paints with a heavy dose of glitter, bear in mind that sometimes taking this off can be a whole lot of effort. You don’t want to be soaking your nails in damaging acetone, so get a gentle remover.
  • When wearing a sequinned sari blouse or sleeveless dress or top, remember to make sure it is lined well, particularly around the armholes. The sequins can be very uncomfortable if they end up poking into your delicate skin.
  • The embellishments tend to add a bit of weight to the garment, so remember to wear a good push-up bra to make sure the ladies don’t get weighed down!

Sequins, Shimmer and Shine

Vero Moda

To make things super-easy for you, we pick out five absolutely fab buys from Vero Moda and tell you what to pair these pieces with.

Look 1: Pair this rockstar top with a soft, flared tulle midi skirt. The contrast of the edgy top with the ethereal skirt will do the trick. This look is very strong, so remember to go easy on the embellishments. Put your hair up in a high messy bun for a rock-meets-ballerina look.

Look 2: Comfy, easy pants with a black cami spell casual chic. Throw on a gold sequinned jacket and go from sporty to glam in an instant. We’d suggest scrunching up the sleeves and adding on a leather-n-stud cuff for a very, very chic look.

Look 3: This dress is so stunning, it literally needs nothing else. But accessory-obsessed that we are, we’d pair this with a very simple, elegant gold haath phool. Dark berry lips and soft vintage-y waves, and you’re good to go!

Look 4: A personal favourite, this one’s channelling a very South-East Asia style. A long, loose black or off-white boyfriend shirt in silk or crepe paired with these shorts is sure to earn you mega style points. The shorts show just a couple of inches, playing peek a boo from under the shirt. Va va voom!

Look 5: For those of you not convinced that you can pull this trend off, this one’s ideal. With the embellishments just on the bodice of the maxi dress, you’re introducing glitter and shine in a small, manageable dose. Add on a maang tika in a contemporary style and a couple of delicate gold chain bracelets, and you’re a walking-talking goddess!

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How to Be a Budget Fashionista (And Yet Not Look Like One!)

Hola, 2015! We’re mighty happy to see you! It’s a new year, a new set of resolutions (which we’ve sworn to stick to, for at least the first quarter!), a new exercise regime, a new vigour to reach our professional goals (finally get that promotion?), a new aspiration to travel and explore the world, and a new decisiveness to balance our professional and personal lives.

Amongst our many lofty ambitions for 2015, we’re hoping to tackle more basic, everyday issues too: like de-cluttering our closets and revamping our wardrobes, while not blowing up most of our paycheck or pocket money!

We’re going to let you in on a bunch of secrets that will help you look like a film star and feel like a million bucks, without breaking the bank. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out how to shop on a budget and still be a fab fashionista!

1. Understand the capsule wardrobe concept


Buy classic cuts and quality pieces to create a perfect capsule wardrobe. If you work 9-5, owning 25 sparkly dresses is just silly! Well-fitted pants, shirts, skirts, a couple of blazers and shift dresses for work, plus simple (non-logo) T-shirts, jeans that actually fit, a fun skirt and a black cocktail dress are the starting point for a classic, stylish wardrobe.

POPxo loves: MANGO Women Black Essential BlazerPaper Dolls Black & Beige Tailored DressLevis Women Blue Revel Bold Curve Skinny Fit JeansDressBerry Women White & Black Printed TrousersMast & Harbour Women White Ariel Formal ShirtMANGO Navy Sequin Mini Skirt.

2. Aim for quality, not quantity

how to shop on a budget - myntra sale

The most obvious trick in the book, but the hardest to implement! How do you resist the temptation to fill up your wardrobe with bargain buys at the neighbourhood export surplus stores? At 200 bucks for a maxi dress, you can’t go wrong, can you? But that’s the mistake most of us make! Think of your clothes as an investment. Yes, you won’t have 10 new things to hang up in your cupboard every month, but the one thing that you’ll be buying instead will make you feel like a princess.

POPxo loves: Paper Dolls Black & Pink Strapless Bodycon DressGAS Pink Hillery Fit & Flare DressVero Moda Marquee by Karan Johar Black Sequinned High Low Dress

3. Mix and match is everything

3 copy

Stick to a colour palette that is complementary – with a few accent colours. Black, navy, white, beige and a hint of red is the way a lot of chic people live. Ditch in-trend colours like neons and big prints for classic solid colours and good weaves.

POPxo loves: Arrow Women Beige Printed Slim Fit ShirtSisley Black Tulip SkirtMANGO Burgundy Robe Rainbow Shift DressDressBerry Coral Red Maxi SkirtAND by Anita Dongre White Maxi DressInmark Women Grey Melange Crop Top.

4. Cuts and fits and the little details

how to shop on a budget - myntra sale

While you can’t match the cuts and the fits of high-end brands and couturiers, you can certainly cheat! Choose fabrics that have a bit of stretch so that they mould your curves and give you the most flattering fit. Stay away from shimmer and satin. If the fit isn’t perfect, it will only accentuate the little bits and bulges you’re trying to conceal. And remember to pay attention to little details like the length of the trousers, the width of the cuffs on a work shirt and the lining of a lace dress.

Make your tailor your best friend. If what you’ve bought needs a few minor tweaks to make it perfect, head straight to a trusted tailor who can nip and tuck and make your buy look like it’s been custom-made.

POPxo loves: Dazzio Women Pink Modern Fit Casual ShirtMast & Harbour Women Grey TrousersFabAlley Burgundy Lace Sonnet Sheath Dress

5. Pick classics over trends

how to shop on a budget - myntra sale

As much as we love incorporating every trend the we read about in the glossies, it isn’t always practical! Think about how much wear you’ll get out of a neon crop top when compared to an LBD. No-brainer, right? You’ll be using your classic pieces over and over again, with new accessories, different hairdos and makeup – and everyone will be none the wiser! Really do love neon? Add a necklace to your dress and have the perfect balance between trendy and classic.

POPxo loves: Vero Moda Black Wrap DressGinger Wine Coloured Pencil SkirtElle White Textured Shift Formal DressNautica Women Navy Ankle Length Slim Fit Trousers

6. Focus on fabrics

how to shop on a budget - myntra sale

We’re big on natural fabrics – silks, cottons and linens. But if you’re on a budget and can’t really afford the real stuff, there’s no harm in going for blends. However, stay away from 100% synthetics like polyester, which trap body odour and make strange, swishing raincoat-y sounds! Following our advice in point 2 of this list and buy one silk dress instead of 3 fake chiffons. Remember to follow the care instructions on the label. Or, better still, get them professionally dry-cleaned to ensure that they look new and fresh for longer.

POPxo loves: Fabindia Women Blue Tussar Silk TunicONLY Women White Linen Blend TrousersFabAlley Women Pink Midi-Skirt.

7. Shop at sales

how to shop on a budget - myntra sale

Keep an eye out for sales. Or make sure you stay friends with us – we always know when the good deals are just around the corner! Fairly obvious: you stand to save a whole bunch if you can buy what you want on discounted prices.

POPxo loves: Femella Women Black CoatN-Gal White Crochet Pencil SkirtPuma Women Formlite XT Ultra DipDye Multi-Coloured Training ShoesTokyo Talkies Women Black SweatshirtMandira Bedi Pink Georgette Fashion SareeVITASTA Black & Metallic Gold Leather Bea Woven Box ClutchFort Collins Women Rust Brown JacketGUESS Black Viola Bodycon Dress.

8.  Designer collaborations


If a Rohit Bal outfit feels a bit heavy on the pocket, opt for his capsule collections in collaboration with other brands instead. Lusting after a Manish Arora outfit? Totally affordable now! Check out his brand Indian by Manish Arora for some great-looking pieces at prices that won’t cause your heart to stop! Other cool collaborations like Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna for Wills Signature enable you to own designer wear at high-street prices.

POPxo loves: BIBA by Rohit Bal Women Navy Cotton Silk Anarkali Churidar Kurta with DupattaIndian by Manish Arora Multicoloured Printed Tiffany Lamps Sleeveless T-shirtLabel by Ritu Kumar Women Navy Printed JumpsuitWills Signature by Payal Pratap Women Cream Coloured & Blue Embroidered Linen JacketWills Signature by Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna Women Charcoal Grey KurtaWills Signature by Pankaj & Nidhi Women Black & White Embroidered Peplum Top.

9. Don’t compromise on inner wear

how to shop on a budget - myntra sale

Yes, ladies. This is make-or-break time! Unsightly peeking bra straps or VPL is a big no-no. Total downer. We urge you to go have yourselves professionally fitted by trained shop assistants so you know your size. If you’re lazy, watch a YouTube video on how to measure yourself. Once you do, shopping online is a breeze! And remember, body-shapers are not just for larger women. Women of all sizes and shapes need the them to help smoothen out bumps and bits and bulges. Though we love some delicate lace and embroidered lingerie sets, for anything that is fitted or made of fabric that has a tendency to be clingy, we recommend seamless underwear all the way.

POPxo loves: Amante White & Pink Vintage Rose BraHeart 2 Heart Beige Strapless Silicone BraHeart 2 Heart Pink Animal Printed Strapless Silicone Double Push-up BraHeart 2 Heart Black Embroidered ShapewearPrettySecrets Nude-Coloured Floral Tummy Tucker ShapewearTriumph Black Thigh Shapewear.

10. Accessorize right

how to shop on a budget - myntra sale

Look for a really good day bag for work – pure leather and with no obvious logos. If you fancy a splurge, this is where it should be. A good quality bag will see you through at least a couple of years, and if the leather is genuine, the weathered leather will look uber-chic too. Though black is the most obvious choice of colour, deep burgundy, dark brown, tan or navy will also work with a lot of your work clothes.

Shoes are key. Browse designer websites to understand what’s good shape and proportion – and then go hunting for an affordable version. A strappy black sandal, a classic beige pump and gold heels can pretty much see you through everything in life! To this you add your fun chappals and juttis, and you are totally stepping out in style.

POPxo loves: United Colors of Benetton Navy Shoulder BagAdamis Women Tan HandbagHidesign Leather Sling BagStudio S Women Black HeelsGUESS Women Beige Leather WedgesMast Harbour Women Blue Sandals.

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15 Things All Parents Want Their Daughter to Know When She Gets Married

You are exceptional. And unique. One of a kind. Bubbly, smart and adventurous, yet always poised and elegant. You’re their baby with shiny pigtails, the little girl in a pink tutu learning to ride a bike. You’re the confident and modern young woman they are so proud of. Yet you’re always their little girl.

The most emotional day for parents is the day they give their daughter away. Yes, the Bollywood melodramatic scene, for once, isn’t far from the truth. We’re going to tell you what your parents are thinking as they place your hand in his. Warning: keep the tissues handy!

things all parents want their daughter to know

1. There will be fights and struggles, but there will equally be limitless fun and unbounded love.

2. Your wedding jewellery is a reflection of the blessings from your parents. With you always. In good times and (heaven forbid) in bad.

3. You think leaving your parents home is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do. A few years from now, you’ll be more happy to go home to your husband and babies than you can imagine.

things all parents want their daughter to know

4. Every single time you see your Platinum Evara jewellery, you’ll think of us and your special day. Yes. Every. Single. Time.

5. Running a household is a full-time job, with no weekends, no holidays and no benefits.

6. Make time for each other. The world is a very busy place.

7. We can’t tell you how important it is to pay attention to your savings.

things all parents want their daughter to know

8. We’ll always be wondering if he’s going to take care of you the way we did. But we also trust that he’ll be as much of a son to us as you are a daughter.

9. Wear your Platinum Evara jewellery to work, and on your baby shower, and to your son’s graduation. Wear it as often as you can. And wear it with pride, and know that we’re always with you.

10. Call us – as often as you can – even when you get busy with your life. We are always there for you.

things all parents want their daughter to know

11. It’s important to treat your new family like your own and count yourself lucky that you’re getting an extra set of parents to love you.

12. Independence (even after marriage) is a good thing. Work hard, maintain your own bank account. It will make surprising your hubby with a gift so much easier.

13. You’ll be entering a new family, embarking on a new life. It’s going to be overwhelming. But know your own worth. Be confident. And be true to yourself. Your Platinum Evara jewellery will be your constant companion on this journey, reminding you to be the girl we raised.

14. All that matters is love. The deep, inclusive kind built on mutual respect. We hope that the radiance of this love stays untarnished, shining down on you always.

15. We will always be proud of you!

things all parents want their daughter to know

All images are from the Platinum Evara video. Watch it here.

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12 Amazing Dresses That Are Absolutely PERFECT for Work

Dressing for the workplace comes with its own set of challenges for any woman, from intern to CEO. Pants or a skirt? White shirt or pale blue? Pumps or flats? Handbag or briefcase. Pearl studs or diamonds? Yes, we totally get you! Just because we walk shoulder to shoulder with our male colleagues doesn’t mean we need to dress like them. So, for us, the eternal question is: “How do I look feminine yet professional?”

It’s actually quite simple. Just one word: DRESSES! That’s why we’ve trawled the depths of the Internet to find you dresses that are simply perfect for work. Whether it is a high-powered board meeting or a casual Friday, with this fab list, we’ve got you covered!

1. A Hint of Peekaboo

work dresses

A great pick, this one! With the dark panels on the sides, and a streamlined silhouette, you’re sure to look slimmer and taller. And did you notice the cut-outs at the shoulders? We love a bit of peekaboo! Nude pumps are the most important wardrobe staple for any office-going girl – make sure you get a comfy pair, though – you don’t want to be distracted by shoe bites! The gray-blue bag is perfect when you don’t need to carry files and a laptop… Understated yet modern and edgy, we likey!

2. Elegant in White

work dresses

Bang on for casual Fridays, this white A-line dress is chic, comfy and elegant. Add some subtle colours with your bag and shoes. We’re totally digging this shade of pale, minty blue at the mo! Cool as a cucumber this summer, eh?

3. Do the Blue

work dresses

While this dress isn’t particularly easy on the pocket, it’s so versatile and wearable that you’ll get more than your money’s worth. Wear it by itself, or add a belt, or a printed scarf, or a jacket, and you’ll have a whole new look each time. Plus silk and a great fit and cut don’t ever come cheap, right? For us, just that hue of blue makes it worth the dough! We recommend pairing this stunner of a dress with black-and-white duo-tone heels and handbag – a slightly more fun take than plain black or safe-as-ever nude, yet classic and formal. Paired with a statement necklace or ear-cuffs, you’re party ready too!

4. On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink!

work dresses

As long as you’re a safe distance away from frills and satin bows, pink is a great colour for the office. Feminine and stylish, but not fussy and girly, this dress ticks all the boxes for a perfect office outfit. Team it with black to set off the accent at the waist. Suede and leather pumps and a textured leather sling bagcomplement the dress perfectly.

5. Wrap It Up

work dresses

Aah, well, what can we say about wrap dresses? Incredibly flattering and supremely stylish, let’s just call this the Lady Di of dresses, shall we? This black beauty clings in the just right places and camouflages all the possible problem areas with ease. And you can take this dress from day to night in a jiffy with a quick change in accessories. Tan and black accessories – another classic colour combination – are just the thing to add some va-va-voom to the dress. Imagine the use you’ll get out of this handbag and these pumps – they go with pretty much anything!

6. Pretty in Print

work dresses

Who says you can’t wear prints to work? This dress is the classic example of what you can totally wear! Low-contrast subtle prints make for a welcome change to the solid-colour-dominant wardrobe. If you don’t own a pair of black flats and an everyday black leather bag, go shopping NOW! For the days, if heels just seem like too much work, opt for stylish flats instead, without compromising on style. Totally acceptable, we promise!

7. Gunmetal and Lace

work dresses

Solid colour. Simply cut. Modest neckline. Not too short, not too long. Checks all the boxes. And as an added bonus, this beautiful dress has subtle lace panels on the sleeves to add a touch of femininity. A total winner, these gunmetal  heels are superstars – you can dress up pretty much any outfit with these beauties! A handbag in a similar shade is the ideal choice to complete the look.

8. Go Classic in Black-and-White

work dresses

Dress to impress, ladies! Contemporary, modern and uber chic, this dress gives the illusion of an itsy-bitsy waist. Pair with blacks or add a fun element with heels in a textured or coloured leather – we’re loving this pair here. A black handbag to hold your red lipstick and powder compact, and you’re set to rule the boardroom.

9. The Not-So-White Shirtdress

work dresses

Shirtdresses are big on our current lust lists, and this one is perfect! Comfy yet smart, opt for a shirtdresson days you’re not expected to make a presentation to the CEO. Aren’t those shoes just lovely? We’d wear them to work with a dress or trousers, and with a white tee and jeans on the weekend. Choosing a leather bag in navy makes for a good change from the blacks.

10. Who Said Grey Was Boring?!

work dresses

Another multitasking winner, this dress in a neutral gray goes with pretty much anything. A jacket, or scarf or statement necklace, whatever tickles your fancy. Though not really the Pantone Marsala, Oxblood is our surefire winner of the colour-of-the-season award. Rich and regal, we’re loving these shoes and this leather bag! Aren’t you?

11. The Red Power Dress

work dresses

Tough negotiation, power meeting or big presentation, donning a fire-engine red dress will give your confidence a shot in the arm. Paired with nude heels and an elegant bag, who’s gonna dare stand in your way?

12. Totally Teal

work dresses

dress that works for both casual Fridays as well as a big-leagues conference, pair this with a slouchy toteand flats for a chilled out day, or with killer heels, pearls and red lipstick for an “I’m the boss” look.

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Pop That Pill: Cheat Your Way To Good Health

Coffee and a slice of toast on the run for breakfast. Lunch at 3 pm – leftovers from last night, reheated in the office pantry microwave and eaten at your desk. Pizza for dinner, whilst plonked in front of the telly. Sounds familiar?? Well you’re not alone. If you’re more concerned with college applications, or getting a job, or the eternal dilemma – what do I wear tonight, we don’t blame you! We’re sailing in the same boat too!

While we try to figure out love lives and keep up with the season’s latest trends, we sometimes take our health for granted. Easy enough to rectify, it really never is too late to start looking after your body. Schedule annual health check-ups, yes, even if you’re in your 20’s! Pay a visit to your dentist. If you’re concerned about your diet, see a nutritionist. Add a multivitamin to your daily routine. Drink loads of water. And get some exercise, no matter how busy you are!

WellWoman 1

To give you a kickstart, we’ve put together a little list of the essential vitamins and minerals your diet should include. Remember the key rules though! Know the correct recommended dosage if you’re opting for supplements. And remember, there is no substitute to good food. Multivitamins are called ‘supplements’ for a reason!

The Vital V-s and Other Helpful Nutrients

Vitamin A

If it is sparkly eyes and glowing skin that you’re after, this one’s your best bet. Munch on carrots and broccoli (C’mon, they’re not so bad!) Be careful, though! Vitamin A in excess quantities can be toxic! And if you’re planning to have a baby, check with your doctor on what Vitamin A supplements to avoid.

The B-Vitamins

Now these vitamins, like B6 and B12 and folic acid, do a host of super awesome things for us. Take them seriously, girls! They keep your brain sharp, your nervous system in order and your energy levels up for all weekend partying. Get a blood test done if you’ve been feeling lethargic, anxious and depressed. Vegetarians, we’re sorry, but you’ll probably not be getting enough as the main dietary sources are via meat and meat products.

For those of you planning to conceive, already pregnant or lactating, folic acid is something you really shouldn’t skip!

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Vitamin C

Orange juice, anyone? This immunity booster and antioxidant is the eternal superstar of the vitamin family! Get your daily dose via citrus fruits and berries and ward of recurring colds and the flu. Yes, it’s that simple! Want a super easy smoothie recipe?

Vitamin D + Calcium

If you want healthy bones, and to reduce your chances of breast and colon cancer, this Vitamin D chap is your best friend. You may be quite religious about your 2 glasses of milk per day regime, but unless you’ve got enough Vitamin D going, the calcium won’t get absorbed into your body. They’re besties, these two!

Vitamin E

A great in between meals snack, munching a handful of almonds for your daily dose of Vitamin E will help your bones and muscles and do some gorgeous things to your skin and hair. Trying to minimize stretch marks? Try using a cream enriched with this wonder vitamin!

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Anemic? Beetroot juice sounds gross? Well, whether you chose to go natural or pop a supplement, make sure you’re not skipping this. You need the boost, particularly when your monthly visitor comes knocking! Need inspiration? We found you some yummy international recipes here. If parathas and tikkisare more your thing, we’ve got you covered too!


Zinc’s the little guy with a sword fighting off diseases and keeping you fit. And if that isn’t reason enough to make it your bestie, it’s what makes sure that your hair and skin stay healthy. Added bonus: Zinc helps you make babies! Turn off the lights and get going, now!


Have we convinced you that you need supplements or a multivitamin? Magnesium is what helps your body absorb those vitamins, so this one’s a must have. Green leafy-vegetables are a good source. Don’t forget to order a green salad with your lunch!

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And if you’re left thinking now, “Shucks, I need ALL of this” there’s an easier way to do it instead of rushing out any buying 10 bottles of individual supplements. Thank the peeps who invented multivitamins in the first place!

9 Wedding Superstitions to Take With a Pinch of Salt

Do this on a Tuesday. Don’t do that on a Friday. If a black cat crosses your path, walk backwards, spit on the road thrice and then go along your way. If a crow poops on your head, it is good luck. Seriously? But what to do, we are Indian and we believe in all sorts of superstitions. If these generic day-to-day ones weren’t mind-boggling enough, there are occasion-specific ones. And that includes weddings!

The poor bride is pretty nervous anyway, and there’s the added stress of making sure none of these ‘inauspicious’ events occur! Well, to each his own! Believe these superstitions if you must, or deal with them as per our suggestions. Just promise us, no spitting on the roads. Deal?

1. A Fertile Imagination

Don’t grumble about the rice that’s generously sprinkled on your head over enthusiastically – it is supposed to turn you into a fertility goddess! Oh shucks, got into your eye? No problemo, the guests will just assume you’re emotional and shedding a few tears!

2. The Battle Axe

Close to the ceremony, one is supposed to keep a sharp metal object with you at all times to protect you from evil spirits. And what do you do about the evil, plotting, scheming, gossiping aunties?

Wedding Superstitions 2

3. The Mehendi Test

“Your mehendi is so dark, your husband’s going to love you so much.” Certainly not the best way to be certain – we’d prefer to be told quite categorically and in big romantic gestures instead.

Wedding Superstitions 3

4. Right Foot Forward

Enter the house with your right foot only, or you’ll bring in bad luck into the home! Oh man, this is tough! You just want to get into the house, sit down and take the frigging heels off. The western tradition of carrying the bride over the threshold makes so much more sense, no?

5. Money Showers

Rain on the wedding day will bring wealth to the couple. Ok. That’s good then. Will be some comfort for the pain of seeing your dream day washed away into slush.

Wedding Superstitions 5

6. Scribble Alert

Don’t daydream and doodle your name with his surname before the wedding- brings bad luck. Huh? I need a new signature, don’t I? Ah, c’mon! Such spoilsports!

7. The Sob-ster

Cry during the bidaai, and you won’t cry in your future life. Promise? Not a bad insurance policy! Better not forget the waterproof mascara though!

Wedding Superstitions 7

8. The Flickering Flame

If candles or diyas sputter out on the day of your wedding, it means an evil spirit is nearby. Ok now, everyone calm the hell down! Put a candle next to a fan and the flame is gonna flicker anyway. That’s not an evil spirit, its just wind!

Wedding Superstitions 8

9. The Lucky Girl

The girl whose head the kaleerein falls on is next in line to get married. Honestly, you should not even bother with this. Getting rid off the kaleerein only means one thing – your hands will be free to hold that much needed glass of champers! Let the celebrations begin!

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This post was published on POPxo.com on Fri, 06 March, 2015