9 Wedding Superstitions to Take With a Pinch of Salt

Do this on a Tuesday. Don’t do that on a Friday. If a black cat crosses your path, walk backwards, spit on the road thrice and then go along your way. If a crow poops on your head, it is good luck. Seriously? But what to do, we are Indian and we believe in all sorts of superstitions. If these generic day-to-day ones weren’t mind-boggling enough, there are occasion-specific ones. And that includes weddings!

The poor bride is pretty nervous anyway, and there’s the added stress of making sure none of these ‘inauspicious’ events occur! Well, to each his own! Believe these superstitions if you must, or deal with them as per our suggestions. Just promise us, no spitting on the roads. Deal?

1. A Fertile Imagination

Don’t grumble about the rice that’s generously sprinkled on your head over enthusiastically – it is supposed to turn you into a fertility goddess! Oh shucks, got into your eye? No problemo, the guests will just assume you’re emotional and shedding a few tears!

2. The Battle Axe

Close to the ceremony, one is supposed to keep a sharp metal object with you at all times to protect you from evil spirits. And what do you do about the evil, plotting, scheming, gossiping aunties?

Wedding Superstitions 2

3. The Mehendi Test

“Your mehendi is so dark, your husband’s going to love you so much.” Certainly not the best way to be certain – we’d prefer to be told quite categorically and in big romantic gestures instead.

Wedding Superstitions 3

4. Right Foot Forward

Enter the house with your right foot only, or you’ll bring in bad luck into the home! Oh man, this is tough! You just want to get into the house, sit down and take the frigging heels off. The western tradition of carrying the bride over the threshold makes so much more sense, no?

5. Money Showers

Rain on the wedding day will bring wealth to the couple. Ok. That’s good then. Will be some comfort for the pain of seeing your dream day washed away into slush.

Wedding Superstitions 5

6. Scribble Alert

Don’t daydream and doodle your name with his surname before the wedding- brings bad luck. Huh? I need a new signature, don’t I? Ah, c’mon! Such spoilsports!

7. The Sob-ster

Cry during the bidaai, and you won’t cry in your future life. Promise? Not a bad insurance policy! Better not forget the waterproof mascara though!

Wedding Superstitions 7

8. The Flickering Flame

If candles or diyas sputter out on the day of your wedding, it means an evil spirit is nearby. Ok now, everyone calm the hell down! Put a candle next to a fan and the flame is gonna flicker anyway. That’s not an evil spirit, its just wind!

Wedding Superstitions 8

9. The Lucky Girl

The girl whose head the kaleerein falls on is next in line to get married. Honestly, you should not even bother with this. Getting rid off the kaleerein only means one thing – your hands will be free to hold that much needed glass of champers! Let the celebrations begin!

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This post was published on POPxo.com on Fri, 06 March, 2015

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