I have a confession to make. I’ve not lost my post-baby fat. Or the fat which mysteriously appeared  pre-baby and post wedding. Or those extra inches of flab which stubbornly stayed put after my holiday in 2009.

I work in the fashion industry, where being thin is almost a religion. My job as Creative Director of POPxo.com really leaves me no time to hit the gym. Feeble excuse? Yes. But, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Also, I’m not curtailing my love affair with chocolate anytime in the foreseeable future, nor am I being granted my wish of  sprouting a few more inches to be 5’4″ tall  (see, I’m realistic, I could have dreamt of being a model-esque 5’10″!).

So keeping all this in mind,  it’s fair to say that my chances of spotting something at Fashion Week that I can actually imagine myself wearing are pretty grim, slim and next to none. While I am most definately not massive, I am certainly not the size zero that most designers make clothes for.

But I do love fashion. Thankfully, there is one designer who does not just design for the skinny, salad eating, living-in-the-gym female. Nupur Kanoi’s last season saw me drool. On Day 3 at Lakme Fashion Week, I spotted not one, but four pieces I’d like to order once my Diwali bonus comes in. I loved the colours – stunning saturated reds and deep indigos. But for me, the surprise was in her creative use of deep browns – a colour I previously thought drab and dull.

Here are the four Nupur Kanoi outfits that caught my fancy:

1This ribbon applique square neck kurta with high slits is paired with wide leg cropped trousers. Elegant and forgiving at the same time.  It adds much-needed height and will be wearing mine with sky-high heels.


This Kutch embroidered ‘biker’ zippered sleeveless kurta-dress with sheer churidar is perfect. It references the biker jacket with an Indian sensibility and I am in love.

3Another ‘biker’ look, this time it’s a ‘kurta-trenchcoat’ with zipper detail; kurta with a zippered placket worn with salwar trousers. Edgy, yet fun. Fabulous!

4This chiffon kurta with a high-low hem and zipper detailing is worn with pinstripe. thread embroidered waistcoat and  salwar trousers. Indo-rock-chic!

cropped topFor those of you who’ve been following POPxo‘s expert fitness tips: a.k.a. religiously doing the Tabata and drinking green smoothies every morning – Congratulations! You are not only toned and buffed but also have the fashion know-how to admire AND more importantly fit into this gorgeous creation.

As for me, I will do my best to follow all the fitness advice, attempt to lay off the chocolate (no promises there).

But thankfully, till I too join the ranks of the toned and buffed, I have the soon-to-be-mine Nupur Kanoi creations to look forward to.

This piece was published on POPxo.com on Tue, 27 August, 2013.

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