15 Things All Parents Want Their Daughter to Know When She Gets Married

You are exceptional. And unique. One of a kind. Bubbly, smart and adventurous, yet always poised and elegant. You’re their baby with shiny pigtails, the little girl in a pink tutu learning to ride a bike. You’re the confident and modern young woman they are so proud of. Yet you’re always their little girl.

The most emotional day for parents is the day they give their daughter away. Yes, the Bollywood melodramatic scene, for once, isn’t far from the truth. We’re going to tell you what your parents are thinking as they place your hand in his. Warning: keep the tissues handy!

things all parents want their daughter to know

1. There will be fights and struggles, but there will equally be limitless fun and unbounded love.

2. Your wedding jewellery is a reflection of the blessings from your parents. With you always. In good times and (heaven forbid) in bad.

3. You think leaving your parents home is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do. A few years from now, you’ll be more happy to go home to your husband and babies than you can imagine.

things all parents want their daughter to know

4. Every single time you see your Platinum Evara jewellery, you’ll think of us and your special day. Yes. Every. Single. Time.

5. Running a household is a full-time job, with no weekends, no holidays and no benefits.

6. Make time for each other. The world is a very busy place.

7. We can’t tell you how important it is to pay attention to your savings.

things all parents want their daughter to know

8. We’ll always be wondering if he’s going to take care of you the way we did. But we also trust that he’ll be as much of a son to us as you are a daughter.

9. Wear your Platinum Evara jewellery to work, and on your baby shower, and to your son’s graduation. Wear it as often as you can. And wear it with pride, and know that we’re always with you.

10. Call us – as often as you can – even when you get busy with your life. We are always there for you.

things all parents want their daughter to know

11. It’s important to treat your new family like your own and count yourself lucky that you’re getting an extra set of parents to love you.

12. Independence (even after marriage) is a good thing. Work hard, maintain your own bank account. It will make surprising your hubby with a gift so much easier.

13. You’ll be entering a new family, embarking on a new life. It’s going to be overwhelming. But know your own worth. Be confident. And be true to yourself. Your Platinum Evara jewellery will be your constant companion on this journey, reminding you to be the girl we raised.

14. All that matters is love. The deep, inclusive kind built on mutual respect. We hope that the radiance of this love stays untarnished, shining down on you always.

15. We will always be proud of you!

things all parents want their daughter to know

All images are from the Platinum Evara video. Watch it here.

This post was published on POPxo.com on Wed, 28 January, 2015

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