#EasyGlam: How To Amp Up Your Look With MINIMAL Effort!

Dressing up for a night out with friends or a family wedding usually entails us squashing and squeezing ourselves into shape wear that we can hardly breathe in, to be able to look good in that body hugging outfit. We spend most evening trying to suck our tummies in, eat tiny bird-like portions of food and drink almost no water at all. Who can manage taking off that corset in a tiny, not-so-clean public loo, right?

Isn’t fashion supposed to be a celebration of your personal style? Shouldn’t comfort be the first thing you look for when you buy something new to wear? Why do we spend night after night, feeling like a stuffed sausage in those horrid high-waisted panties!

We women come in all shapes and sizes. While some of us love our fitted dresses, (no judgement, we love ours too from time to time) there are some days when we just can’t be bothered! Dear Lords of Fashion, please just grant us something to wear that’s easy and comfy, yet glam and stylish! We’re not suggesting you go out dressed in a brown sack, but there’s loads of options out there that are glamorous and flattering without being form fitting.

At the recent Lakmé Fashion Week in Mumbai, Tarun Tahiliani’s show, presented by Reliance Trends caught our eye for this very reason! Stunning colours, beautiful drapes, breathtakingly beautiful prints, all of which we just luuurve! We’re going to use this collection as inspiration to put together a few tips and tricks to help you look fabulous while still being comfy. Do your happy jig, girls!

1. Dapper Drapes

Tarun 1 amp up your look

Fluid and flattering, drapes automatically add room for movement. And because of the way the fabric falls, it gives you a super silhouette without adding any bulk at all. Just remember to pair with a fitted top or add a jacket to your look for some shape.

2. Layer, Layer, Layer

Tarun 2 amp up your look

Not in the mood to suck your stomach in all night? Add a jacket over your fitted top and exhaaaleee! Whew! Jackets, whether fitted or loose, in a classic blazer style, edgy bomber, traditional waistcoat or oriental kimono style, add an extra element to your outfit taking it up a notch on the fashion meter.

3. Accessorize Right

Tarun 3 amp up your look

When wearing a looser outfit, accessories play an important role in the styling of your look. A statement piece of jewellery will automatically become the centre of attention, adding that glam element to your outfit. If you really feel the need for some definition and shape, throw on a belt or traditional kamarbandhto nip and tuck where needed. (Pssst: Who’d have thought you could wear a belt over a sari? But doesn’t it look just fab?)

4. Colour Choices

Tarun 4 amp up your look

Choose your colours wisely! We all know that black is ultra-slimming so when opting for looser silhouettes, darker colours help add length and give you a leaner look. Plus, EVERYTHING goes with black, so putting together your bags, shoes and jewellery becomes as easy as pie!

5. Flowy Fabrics

Tarun 5 amp up your look

If you happen to be blessed with model genes, long legs and an itsy bitsy waist, you’ve got a world of fabric options out there! But like most of us, if adding bulk is way down on your priority list, opt for fabrics that fall and drape well. Silks, chiffons, satins and crepes are the perfect choice for their ability to flatter and accentuate your curves. The sheen and the richness of the material magically makes even the simplest outfit look ultra glam.

*This is a sponsored post for Reliance TrendsReliance Trends, India’s largest fashion destination with over 220 stores pan India, presented Tarun Tahiliani at Lakmé Fashion Week Festive Winter Resort 2015.  Inspired by the concept of Easy Glamour, Reliance Trends offers a multitude of options for the trend conscious fashionista.

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