Lifestyle Changes That are Guaranteed to Make You Glow.

I could tell you to eat your spinach, drink coconut water, get regular facials, treat your Cleanse-Moisturize-Tone routine like a mantra. Yes, we’re sure your skin will glow. But how do you make sure you shine while you are in a crowd? How do you ensure that the peace you feel within translates into an aura that encapsulates you always?

  1. Be good. Stay true to your values. If you are at peace with yourself, it is guaranteed to show.
  2. Be happy. Surround yourself with people who make you smile. Those who know you need a hug before you know it yourself.
  3. Listen to music. Read books. Travel. Learn a foreign language. Try new cuisines. Open your mind and palette to different cultures. Keep yourself open to new experiences. Never stop learning.
  4. Learn to appreciate the silence. Stop. Breathe. Relax. Unwind.
  5. Love. With all your heart and soul. Freely. With no fear.
  6. Give. Openly. Wholeheartedly. Generously. Give without expecting anything in return. Not just money and gifts but time and knowledge too.
  7. Find something that gives you peace. Whether is is mediation or prayer or watching the stars or the sound of waves.
  8. Respect not only your parents, elders and teachers, but your peers and those not as fortunate as you too.
  9. Be an inspiration. Be a role model. Be someone who inspires others to be a good human being.
  10. Help those who need you. Charity and doing good deeds give you more of a high that any martini or shopping spree ever will. But do it because you want to, not to chase the high.
  11. Spend time with children. Their innocence and boundless energy will leave you invigorated.
  12. Spend time with elders. Their life experiences will teach you more than any Ivy League college can.
  13. Spend time with your parents. That’s the most solid relationship you’ll ever have.
  14. Chase your dreams. But don’t sacrifice your youth chasing material wealth and success.
  15. Spend wisely. Buy what you really need. Indulge yourself once in a while. Save for emergencies.
  16. Don’t take your body for granted. Health really is wealth.
  17. Sleep peacefully. Dream. With your phone switched off.
  18. Age gracefully. Gray hair and wrinkles brought on with age are natural and beautiful. Embrace them.
  19. Ditch the stress. Nothing is worth it.
  20. Finally, SMILE. And you’ll glow!

Who is your special someone? Who brings your inner radiance out to the front? Is it your mum, who puts you above everything else? Or your bestie, who knows you inside out? Or is there a special someone in your life who you think about and smile? 

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